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We are so excited to partner with SoccerPulse for the Pre-Season Elite Girls Friendlies and the National Elite Prep Showcase.  All coaches/team participating in either event will receive a FREE 2-month subscription to get your team going at the beginning of the year. Go to the App Store and download SoccerPulse and use Promo Code ELITE20 for your free subscription.


Once you you have registered and been accepted to the event you will receive information to access your subscription.








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This year we are proud to partner with InStat to have each game that is filmed by Upper90 analyzed by InStat’s professional team of game analysts.  If you have been indecisive regarding game analytics, be prepared to be amazed at the data InStat will provide to you and your players.  Sign up to to have your match filled during this event and your will receive a FREE InStat Match breakdown.  This is a $100 value per game plus your match will be pushed out to every NCAA women's soccer program in the country as the NCAA just signed a partnership with InStat.  CLICK HERE to have your game filmed and broken-down.  


Platform with videos, statistics and interactive charts. Information on over 960,000 players from all over the world. A user can select the required statistics. Every number is clickable and linked to a video.

Coaches, players, scouts, agents, journalists and other football professionals can get information on any player or team from any part of the world in just a couple of clicks. Statistics, full matches, video summaries of any actions, interactive shot charts and even links to players’ profiles in social media – all of these features are available in the InStat Scout platform. Over 6000 matches are uploaded to the database every month. Information in player and team profiles is updated in real time or within several hours after the match.  CLICK HERE for More Information.

JATO Athletics is a boutique enterprise that focuses on the marketing, management, and performance in and of sports, entertainment, and media through it's athletic departments, programs/events, Apparel, Travel, Media, and Finance.  Basically we are an outsourced athletic department. Our mission is to advance athletics. Those is the world of sports and business should expect greatness and every individual can Be An Athlete®.  Life is a journey. We grow up, we evolve, we come together. What does it mean to Be An Athlete? Family, friendships, community... Education of Life.  We know what you want to see... CONTENT : PRODUCTION : DELIVERY.... bringing out the best in everyone.

We are proud to partner with CaptainU for another year as they help with our player profiles for the college coaches in attendance for the showcase.  This is a true college showcase for high school sports.  More than 2 million high school athletes, college coaches, club coaches, and tournament directors use our tools to find each other, build relationships, and build championship teams.

Baylor Scott & White SportsCare is proud once again to sponsor the National Elite Prep Showcase. Our goal is to help you reach a higher level of performance on and off the field with the winning combination of sports medicine, education, and promotional support. We wish all of the participants good luck and a healthy Showcase!

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