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Upper90 Sports Media excited to offer you and your teams the opportunity to have your games filmed at the 2020 Elite Girls Friendlies.


Upper90 Sports Media will be the exclusive video service for the event.  If your teams have another service please call the number below and discuss options.


 If you are using your game footage for tactical analysis, player highlight videos or capturing the games as a keepsake, we are here to assist.  This year we are proud to partner with InStat to have each game that is filmed by Upper90 analyzed by InStat’s professional team of game analysts.  If you have been indecisive regarding game analytics, be prepared to be amazed at the data InStat will provide to you and your players.


Below is our 2020 event pricing and brief overview of video package options:


2020 Pre-Season Elite Girls Friendlies

  • Single Game Package: $175.00/game

  • 2 Game Package: $165.00/game = $330.00 for 2 Games

  • 3 Game Package: $165.00/game = $495.00 for 3 Games 

  • Streaming Package: $350.00/game (Limited Availability)

Game Video package includes

  • Games filmed from a 25’ aerial perspective

  • All games shot in Hi-Definition

  • BONUS: All games filmed with us will be analyzed by InStat - be prepared to be amazed!

  • Games are sent via download link within 2 - 3 days after the tournament

  • Download links will stay active for 14 days after they are received

  • Downloads are “UNLIMITED” ​


We look forward to seeing you on the field. Call 214.476.6310 to reserve your games.

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